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My deepest detox menu includes 4 juices featuring all green veggies and zero fruit.

The Field Of Greens cleanse menu includes the following juices:
Field Of Greens (3/day)
Cucumber | Spinach | Kale | Celery | Lime | Mint

Celery Stalker (1/day)
Celery | Lime


Diet recommendations:

The Whole30 is always G&R approved!

Eat plenty of veggies (preferably raw but if you want to steam or roast them, that is fine!)

Lean protein is great, especially if you are working out.

Eat healthy fats like avocado and coconut oil with every meal.

Refrain from gluten, dairy, sugar and alcohol.

Coffee is fine but it can increase your trips to the bathroom :)

Listen to your body when working out. Walking, light jogs and stretching is recommended. Drink plenty of water.

Partial Field of Greens Cleanse