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My original cleanse featuring 6 of my signature juices made from a rainbow selection of produce. This is what Grass & Root was built on and still my best selling item.

Our G&R Signature Cleanse menu includes the following juices:
The Green (2/day)
Cucumber | Spinach | Kale | Apple | Celery | Lime | Mint

Beetsmode (2/day)
Beets | Celery | Kale | Purple Cabbage | Cucumber | Apple | Lemon

Roaring Orange (1/day)
Carrot | Orange | Grapefruit | Turmeric | Ginger

Celery Stalker (1/day)
Celery  | Lime 

How it works: 

Decide how many days to cleanse for. Once your cleanse is delivered on the day you select, you will see that each bottle is labeled with a number. You will drink all of the "1's" on Day 1, all of the "2's" on Day 2, and so on. You can drink them in any order.

Full G&R Signature Cleanse