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The Partial Cleanse is considered an Intermittent Fast, where you do not eat for 20 hours per day and have a 4 hour window in the evening to eat healthy, body-nourishing foods. This cleanse includes 4 juices per day. Intermittent fasting is more of a reset than a powerful detox. I originally designed the a Partial Cleanse for folks that wanted a juice reset but also wanted to keep up their workout routine. 

The Field of Greens is my most powerful menu, which includes 4 juices featuring all green veggies and zero fruit.

Not sure if this one is right for you? Check out the Compare Cleanses guide to help you walk through choosing the right cleanse.

The Field Of Greens cleanse menu includes the following juices:
Field Of Greens (3/day)
Cucumber | Spinach | Kale | Celery | Lime | Mint

Celery Stalker (1/day)
Celery | Lime

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Field of Greens | Partial Cleanse