Cleanse FAQ's


How can I get a cleanse?

Instead of paying online, can I pay cash when you deliver?

  • Unfortunately, no. I make the cleanse just for you and require a preorder since I am delivering to your home. 
What cleanse should I order?
  • Check out the different options and see what speaks to you. What is your gut saying? Personally, my favorite is a 5 Day Partial Field of Greens Cleanse because it is almost entirely sugar-free, packed with the most veggies and the Partial Cleanse allows me to be active and social.

How long are the juices good for?

  • 7 days from the date of delivery

Can I freeze them?

  • Yes, consuming raw fruits and veggies is ideal but freezing them so they dont go to waste is the next best thing!


How do I cleanse?

What order do I drink them in?

  • Any order. This is where I want you to get back to basics and really listen to your body. Find out which juice your body is gravitating towards and trust that intuition.


Where do you deliver?

  • All of King County and most of of Pierce County

I am outside of your delivery area, can I meet you somewhere?

  • We can try to make something work!

What time will you deliver my juice?

  • From 10am to 7pm on the date you select at checkout

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

  • Leave a cooler on your front porch with ice in it and we will drop your cleanse off for you! Or email me and I can provide an insulated bag and ice packs.
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