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If this is your first time ordering a cleanse from me, be patient with yourself as you read through what is offered. Please reach out if you have questions. There are 3 decisions you need to make to choose the perfect cleanse for you: Type of Cleanse, Cleanse Menu and Length of Cleanse. I want you to fully understand these options so you can make the best choice for your SELF.


Type of Cleanse:

The Full Cleanse is a traditional juice fast, where you do not eat but instead drink 6 juices per day. This is a detox packed with nutrients and enzymes to restore your body back to better health. Abstaining from food is a test of will power and this cleanse is supposed to stretch your personal boundaries. That is the intention.

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The Partial Cleanse is considered an Intermittent Fast, where you do not eat for 20 hours per day and have a 4 hour window in the evening to eat healthy, body-nourishing foods. This cleanse includes 4 juices per day. Intermittent fasting is more of a reset than a powerful detox.

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