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The Full Cleanse is a traditional juice fast, where you do not eat but instead drink 6 juices per day. This is a detox packed with nutrients and enzymes to restore your body back to better health. Abstaining from food is a test of will power and this cleanse is supposed to stretch your personal boundaries. That is the intention.

The Seasonal is our rotating cleanse and is meant to bring some fun flavors to the menu! Always featuring a lineup of 5 signature juices and one limited edition seasonal flavor.

Not sure if this one is right for you? Check out the Compare Cleanses guide to help walk you through the process of choosing the right cleanse.

The Seasonal Cleanse menu includes the following juices:

The Green (2/day)
Cucumber | Spinach | Kale | Apple | Celery | Lime | Mint

Beetsmode (2/day)
Beets | Celery | Kale | Purple Cabbage | Cucumber | Apple | Lemon

Roaring Orange (1/day)
Carrot | Orange | Grapefruit | Turmeric | Ginger

The Basic (1/day)
Pumpkin | Orange | Apple | Cinnamon | Star Anise


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