The Supplements

As part of my daily routine, I take a handful of vitamins and supplements that help to keep me "on track". Battling an autoimmune disease, while juggling the ups and downs of life and business, proved to nearly crush me. I have chose to lean into my health and wellness to support my body as it rebounds. Here are the supplements that are helping me to get back on track:


Morning Routine

Celery Stalker: I cannot live without drinking celery juice every morning. It's anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. In my own opinion, it feels like this cools down my entire system and eats away any sugar, gluten or dairy in my system. I have no scientific proof of this, this is how I feel when I drink my daily glass of celery juice :)


Lily of The Desert Aloe: This is a great new supplement I am on, recommended from my naturopath. She put me on this to help me build up my gut health. This is supposed to help me cure my leaky gut and become less reactive to certain foods. This aloe vera-based formula balances stomach acid naturally, supports healthy digestion, assists in cleansing an upset stomach, increases nutrient and antioxidant absorption. I have been taking this 30 minutes before I eat a meal


Holy Basil: My favorite supplement of all time! Holy Basil is an adaptogen that helps us respond to stress in a healthy way while maintaining emotional well-being and supporting a positive mood.


Maca Root: Maca is a caffeine-free, plant based performance enhancer. It is a miracle worker for hormone-related issues. Some of my favorite things about maca: helps stamina, energy, depression, balances hormones, helps adrenal glands function properly and increases libido.


NOW Vitamin D: In the PNW we come up short on Vitamin D. My naturopath has given me the sound advice for YEARS to take a daily Vitamin D supplement. Take 10,000iu per day for one month. Then reduce amount to 2,000iu per day FOREVER (if you live in the PNW)


Pure Encapsulations Mineral 650: This is a highly-absorbable, balanced combination of chelated minerals. By providing minerals in a controlled ratio, this formula prevents minerals from competing with each other for absorption in the digestive tract. This is another one that my naturopath has recommended to me. This is her favorite supplement that she recommends to just about everyone! I take this as a daily supplement to get these trace minerals for optimal physiological function.


Bedtime Routine

Calm Sleep: This is what I take every night to up my magnesium intake. Americans are extremely deficient in magnesium. I prefer to take it in this drinkable formula because its really tasty but also because taking it internally relaxes your digestive track, helping you to go to the bathroom in the morning :) It relaxes your whole body and promotes a good nights sleep. I prefer the "sleep" formula because there are the extra L-theanine, GABA and Melatonin. I wash the next two supplements down with this drink about 45 minutes before bed.


Phosphatidylserine: Another supplement recommended by my naturopath. This has multiple uses. Since I am working on getting my Hashimotos under control, my adrenal and thyroid function are critical. This promotes a healthy endocrine response to mental stress as well as cognitive function and mental sharpness. I take 2 of these about 45 minutes before I go to bed to suppress my cortisol levels, to facilitate a deeper sleep. So this is helping with my cortisol levels (an issue with my Hashimotos) as well as helping me get a better nights rest. The cortisol to stress to sleep cycle is an exhausting one to break. It is a classic example of "What came first? The chicken or the egg?"


Yerba Prima Daily Fiber: Fiber is essential for digestive health. I prefer this brand because it includes all 5 essential and insoluble fiber types. Helps absorb toxins and move waste & excess bile more quickly through the body. 

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